We specialize in custom portrait, wedding, and event photography. We work with with each client to ensure their images are unique and bring their visions to life. We offer minor touch ups, but major transformations are not our thing. Minor touch ups include removal of scrapes, bumps, bruises, and acne from your photos. Major transformations include applying textures, selective coloring, removing and/or altering large parts of your photos. If these additional photo enhancements are desired, we can send your photos over to one of our photoshop extraordinaries for an additional fee!


We offer two styles of portrait sessions. Our traditional portrait sessions will provide you with perfectly posed images and include your choice of backdrops and props. Our lifestyle sessions capture real life as it happens, the shots are not posed, and your home, office, or other meaningful location is the backdrop of your photos. Mini Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and include a minimum of 5 images from the session. Full Sessions last approximately 1 hour and include a minimum of 10 images from the session. Extended sessions last approximately 2 hours and include a minimum of 25 images. After the session, you will be able to order prints or digital negatives of your images through our website.


The portrait session fee covers the photographer's time and talent, digital image editing, and a customized photo session at the location of your choice. No finished prints or products are included. The session fee is due the day of your session before photographing begins and is non-refundable.

Mini Session $125  |  Full Session $250  |  Extended Session $500


We offer photographic coverage of events on an hourly basis. Because each event is unique, the hourly rate will vary. When inquiring about event coverage, please let us know all the important details about your event including: the date, time (length) of your event, the location, and purpose of your event. Once we know all of the details regarding your event, we can send you a detailed quote based on your needs.


Wedding and event fees cover the photographer(s) time and talent, digital image editing, and photographic coverage of your event. No finished prints or products are included. The fees are due the day of the event before photographing begins and are non-refundable. The hourly fee for a small event would cover photographic coverage of one location, no additional photographers or assistants will be needed, and/or the event will last no longer than four hours. We require a minimum commitment of two hours to book small events. The hourly fee for large events would cover photographic coverage of multiple locations, additional photographers/assistants, and/or the event will last more than four hours.

Small Event $125 - $250/HR  | Large Event $250 - $500/HR


We offer portrait sessions on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 8:00-10:00 AM and 2:00-6:00 PM. If you need an appointment outside the set hours, we are more than happy to make special arrangements. Please note: We try to avoid scheduling outdoor sessions between the hours of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. During this time, the sun can create harsh shadows, cause squinting, and flush faces. However, if there will be adequate shade we may be willing to make an exception. We request that you book your portrait sessions at least two weeks in advance. For weddings and events that require a commitment of more than two hours, we ask that you schedule at least four weeks in advance. During busy holiday seasons, it may be wise to book as far as six months in advance! 


A booking fee is required to reserve your event's date and time. It is non-refundable and covers lost income should you fail to honor your commitment by rescheduling your event at the last minute and/or canceling your event altogether. This fee is separate from the hourly rate. In the rare event we are unable to honor our commitment due to unforeseen circumstances on our part, we will provide a full refund of the booking fee.

Portrait Booking Fee - $50 | Wedding & Event Booking Fee - $250


Travel fees are due with the booking fee. Please note: Some locations require a permit, and you will be responsible for obtaining one if needed. Session locations are subject to photographer approval. Distance and safety will be considered. There are no travel fees for sessions within a 30 mile radius of Bamberg, South Carolina.

30-60 Mile Radius - $25 | 60-120 Mile Radius - $50 | Farther than that? - Let's Talk!


Prints and other photo products are available upon request. All orders are processed by a professional photo lab and ship directly to your home within 2 weeks. You may also order prints and products through our website.


Digital negatives are high resolution JPEG files that you can make prints from for your personal use. You will be able to purchase and/or download a copy of your digital negatives from our website within four weeks of your session. Please note, we do not provide a copy of the RAW files from our portrait sessions.


We know waiting sucks! That's why we promise to email you one of the best images from your session within 48 hours of your session. We reserve the right to pick our favorite image. After the first photo, we ask you to have just a little bit of patience while we work our magic on the rest of your photos. In about 2 - 4 weeks, you will be able to view and order prints and digital negatives through our website.  


All payments should be made payable to Stellar Photo. All sales are subject to 8% sales tax. We accept cash, check, money orders, visa, and master card. If a payment is returned or declined, you will be asked to provide a cash payment. Failure to submit proper payment will result in termination of photographer / client relationship.


Due to the nature of the product and services, no refunds will be granted. In the very rare event you are not happy with the images from your session, please let us know so we may work together to find a resolution.


Stellar Photo is owner and copyright holder of all content created for a client. Content created includes any media resulting from photography or videography services. Stellar Photo reserves the right to share and/or display content created from any session or event unless the client request otherwise. No content may be used for editorial or commercial purposes unless approved in writing by the photographer.